Only Advantages

An astro turf garden is just as beautifull as a natural lawn garden. You hardly will see or feel the difference. The installation is very quick and the result is instantaneous. With your artificial lawn installation you will take full advantage of your time. Your outdoor living area will have the importance you are looking for when living at the south of Spain.

Make maintenance easy

Are you tired of the noisy lawnmover? Do you want to stop paying insane heigh water invoices? You want to keep your house free of little bits of dried natural lawn? You want to have a clean pool and clean terraces? You want to have more time to enjoy your garden? Be welcome at our artificial lawn world!

One of the biggest advantages of having artificial lawn Artgarden (astro turf) is that the work to keep your garden always nice and clean will be as easy as never: brush or vacuum clean away some leaves from the trees, clean the dust somtimes with some water, will be all what you have to do.

You will save at least 80% of your water bills!

Minimize your water consumption and avoid draining problems

Minimize your water consumtion up to 80%. Artificial lawn allows directly to care about the environment, as the savings in water, chemicals and energy are huge. During the summer months a natural lawn area needs to be cut twice a week. This costs time and energy. Did you realize, that the biggest part of our water invoices are due to the irrigation of the natural lawn?

At Estepona, Málaga, for the water needs of a medium sized garden (600 m2) the costs for one cubique meter of water moves between 3,00 to 3,40 Euro. During the summer months Mai until late September the consumtion of this garden will be about de 3 m3 per day, that is 388 Euro per month.

The soil at the  Costa del Sol is full of clai, which leads many times to draining problems in the gardens and natural lawn can not grow if the soil is always too wet. Moss and brown bits will be the result. Our artificial lawn has got a water permeability of 60 liters per minute and per sqaure meter.

Take care for your environment

With artificial turf you can save a minimum of 80% of your usual water bill. It will also achieve significant savings in terms of the use of chemical products such as herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides, etc.

Our products are manufactured in Europe and strictly comply with European regulations regarding the use of harmful products in their production.

Enjoy your artificial lawn at almost every place

Big and small gardens, pool areas, play grounds, terraces, roof tops… Almost any place can become at a glance a beautifull green area full of comfort.

Pets and children love it

Artificial lawn is so soft and resistant, that you children and pets just will love it. After 12 years of experience, we really can underwrite, that no children and no dogs of our clients had been able to dammage our artificial lawn.

Our Waranty

The lifespan of artificial lawn is about 8 to 12 years, depending of the use and the choosen product. Our artificial lawn models offers a warranty between 4 and 8 years. The factory warranty is covering the colour of the artificial lawn and the resistance of the fibers.

The warranty will not cover damagees of unaproper use, harmfull products such as bleach, chlorines, ammoniac, etc.