Artificial lawn at Sierra Blanca Marbella

Astro turf arround the pool

We are very proud about this garden with artificial lawn Premium we realised together with Viveros del Valle at a private garden at Sierra Blanca Marbella.

The owners wanted to enjoy their garden all year long without worries about the water bills and the turf maintenance.

They wished to ahve the pool always clean and t¡not to worry about the grandchildren jumping into the pool with the feeds full of bits of dry grass.

Now this garden will be always perfect and green.

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Sidewalks and Pavements with artificial grass

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Cleaner pool installing artificial grass

Cleaner pool installing artificial grass

Artificial grass contains no soil, no dust and no death grass parts which can fall into the water. This helps to keep the pool longer clean, especially having children in the house or having a pool exposed to lots of wind.

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