How to maintain your artificial grass

Cepilladora de césped artificial

Astro turf does not need any regular work as natural lawn. We do not need to irrigate, cut, fertilise it.

But this does not mean, that there is nothing to do at all. In order to keep our Astro Turf nice for longer time, there is a few things to do:

I clean all the leaves and little dirth which has fallen from the trees and other plants every two weeks with a brush and a vacuum cleaner.

My dogs does not respect always my instructions to not use the garden as a toilett! The result is a bad smell! I mix a little cup of “lejía” (bleach) that you can buy at any supermarket in Spain for less than 1 Euro, with water in a watering can and I put this mixture on top of all grass areas that does not smell well. I let it dry and after I clean all with the water hose.

With the time, the fibers can look a bit scuached at some places. I use a very hard brush to style them back. If it is very bad or your garden is too big, you can call us and we brush it with our special brushing machine.

I like to add some clean silicea sand on top of the grass. I feel, that it helphs to keep the grass with a little bit moistured and fresh.

With the time and specially with the hot temperatures at the Costa del Sol, all astro turf could shrinkle a few milimeters on the borders. To cover this gaps you can either use some dark sand, little stones or even plant some small plants. Or you call your installer company who should have no problem on finding an good solution for you.

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