The installation has to be perfect

How to install succesfully your artificial lawn

The preparation of the underground

To have a perfect artificial lawn garden you need to have the underground prepared carefully. First you need to remove the existing plants and upper soil. Prepare all the paths, terraces, borders and steps you will need. If there is access and place in your garden, a little mini digger will be a big help.

Remove old plants and soil

Removing the plants and the upper cover soil is very important for two reasons: we need at least 8-10 cm place to later add river sand and we need to make sure, that later no weeds will grow under the artificial grass.

Add good quelity river sand

Add the best river sand you can find. Ask your supplier to bring the river sand with a big truck and put it directly to your garden. The rest of the work you need to do it manually.

Level the sand

First we spread the sand all over the surface eavenly and we help ourselves with strips and ropes to achieve the desired levels and perfect seams. It is much more beautiful, if the artificial grass reaches just the same level as the terraces or the pool thus avoiding unwanted jumps in the finishes.

Compact all the sand strongly

Make sure that all the sand surface is even and that you have the levels in the right directions to allow water drain away. Now it is time to compact all carefully by using a compacter and water. You can rent a compacter for this use by little money. The sand surface needs to become very hard and even.

Installation of the anti roots material

On top of the even and hard underground we install a high quality anti roots material. It is essential that this material is highly permeable to allow the rain water drain into the underground and avoid water hold back on the surface of the artificial lawn. At the same time, we will prevent weeds from growing as their roots will not be able to penetrate deep enough.

Open, brush and prepare the artificial lawn

Open the artificial lawn rolls. Brush them to allow the squashed fibers to stand up. Place the grass carefully at all the garden. This is the most important moment. Mistakes here will cost a lot of money and the result will not be what we wanted. Place all the grass in the same direction and with the nicest part heading towards your important focal point such as your terrace. Try to have the less possible cuttings.


Once you are happy with the distribution of the grass, and all the bits are cut (leave some centimeters extra for later corrections), open the borders all along, place the union under two borders and fix the union with some nails to avoid them from moving because of the wind.

Glue the unions

Mix the two components of the special artificial lawn glue as it is written on the descriptions of the glue. Put the glue all along one union. Close the two borders of grass on top of the union carefully and avoid to have fibers trapped under the grass. Depending of the artificial grass model we need some more or less millimeters between the two borders. If you do this carefully, you will hardly be able to see the joints.

Perfect joins make the difference

It takes years of experience to be able to make perfect joints. We recommend to have this work done by professional hands.

Brush all the grass carefully

Once all the glue is dry, use a artificial grass brushing machine to brush all the fibers


Cut away the extra centimeters we have left at the borders, but not to shortly as we know that with he first summer the artificial lawn can shrink a Little bit depending of the model. Add big special nails every square meter and along the borders to give the grass area more stability and add a special border glue where it is necessary. Start to enjoy your always green grass.