Perfect aluminium fences

For generations aluminium, diamond and gold have been greatly known for their durability. although building a gold or diamond fences would be somewhat goofy.

But if you want an element that hides 100% of the curious sights of the neighbours and that at the same time has an elegant and modern appearance according to your house, we have a perfect solution: a 100% aluminium concealment, every peace is powder coted and baked for maximum durability, fabricated to your measure

In less than two days, the old fence will be removed and a strong durable impeccable concealment of aluminium fence will be installed. No work, no dirt, no noise.

The owner of this concealment enclosure will never have to worry about painting it again, fixing the incrusted rust from old iron fences, or changing the bamboo meshes badly tied to the fence.

The price? Around € 290 per square meter. All included. Installation. Material. Transportation. Manufactured exclusively for each project

Installation time? 2 days. No noise, no mess. Clean and simple.

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