Artificial Grass Gardens

Open your mind to a new way to enjoy the garden.

The artificial turf of last generation well installed has an incredible resemblance to the natural one. It is perfectly linked to the plants and trees around it and represents a real change in the use of our gardens. For good results, it is very important to make a solid and durable subsoil preparation, use a strong geo textile mesh and install the artificial turf correctly using the appropriate glues and bonding bands and making perfect joints.
Preferably we will choose European manufacturing models. The color and length of fibers are already to everyone’s taste. Our ARTGARDEN team will be happy to show you the models we have at your disposal and explain everything you need to know in detail. We have been creating artificial turf gardens for more than ten years and each year that passes, we are more delighted with the results. It is perfect for our children, for pets and for us, to enjoy it throughout the year, without worrying about maintenance or water bills. It is simply perfect.