Sustainable gardens the Xerojardineria, The garden of your dreams

We love the gardens. We love to enjoy our garden. And we would love to help you have the garden of your dreams. Each garden we design is truly unique. The design has to adapt to the preferences of the client, the desired budget as well as the potential of the garden, determined by the fertility of the soil, the microclimate and the location. Since ancient times, the creators of gardens of all cultures tried to capture their idea of ​​paradise or nature in gardens. With the hectic pace of life of our days, getting home to a pleasant garden to replenish energy, is our main objective when designing or renovating a garden. In modern gardens we also try to choose plants and materials that suppose a low or minimum maintenance, since labor and materials nowadays are much more expensive than in the past. Why not start in our own garden to improve the world a little while saving resources and time?
The Xerojardinería consists of optimizing to the maximum the resources of which we have in our garden, especially the water. A well-made Xerojardín, consumes a quarter of the water that would be spent in a conventional garden. This is achieved through the use of native plants, xerophilous plants (adapted to water scarcity) as well as species that have been shown to adapt perfectly to our area and to group the plants according to their water needs. Protect the plants from the sun and the wind to avoid evapotranspiration by grouping them in such a way that they form microclimates and use windbreaks. Educate the plants to form a deep root system using the appropriate irrigation practices. Reducing the evaporation of water through the soil by mulching or mulching with different materials such as pine bark, vulcanic stone or decorative stones. Choose the most effective irrigation systems. The substitution of the natural grass for the artificial one, for covering plants, shrub areas or areas covered by decorative aggregates. Sustainable Landscaping tries to avoid the use of plants that do not really fit in a certain climate as well as to control the excessive use of water and chemical products. In the last fifteen years, we have had the opportunity to reform and build many gardens on the Costa del Sol (Sotogrande, Estepona, San Pedro de Alcántara, Benahavis, Sierra Blanca, La Zagaleta, El Madroñal, etc.) implementing the basic ideas of the xerojardinería.