Artificial grass for a coasy homely garden

In old gardens we often find a swimming pool that juts out from the level of the lawn, stairs in impractical places and sloping natural grass surfaces that make the garden look even smaller.

However, in Andalusia we spend most of the year living outside our house and therefore we believe that making an economic effort to thoroughly reform all the exterior of our house, will greatly increase the value of our property and we will gain in space and quality of life. And that does not have its price.

This artificial turf model Soft model in the property of Mr.H. in San Pedro de Alcántara, we loved. In the first visit to the garden we found an unwelcoming, old-fashioned and boring environment. There was a lot of work to be done and money to invest. After a phase of projects, budgets and many appointments, we put to work.

We removed the entire upper edge of the pool and built a terrace at the level of the living room. The pool was dressed in new tiles. The entire surface of the garden was leveled. We reduced the planting area, planting trees and palm trees to get more privacy. We changed the entire area of natural grass by artificial turf.