Do not waste water in your garden

Water in Spain is very expensive. Especially when we use the potable water to water our lawn surfaces. In Spain, the water costs are different depending where you live. But at all places, the more water you use, the more expensive each cubic meter will cost you. That means, that a two people household with no garden and a water use of not more than 30 m3 per bill maybe will pay around 1 Euro. But at the moment you have a small garden, your water consumption will rise up to 60 m3 per bill and that means that you will pay a minimum of 3.60 Euro per m3 and if you have a bigger garden, you will pay nearly 5 Euros per each m3.

1 m2 of natural lawn requires yearly at least 1, 8 m3 of water.

At this garden on the photo, we changed 300 m2 of natural lawn into artificial. This will save around 1.945 Euro per year only on the watering in the garden. In total it will save 85% of the total yearly water costs, as the rest of the water consumption for the house will be charged with a smaller price for each m3.