Dogs and artificial grass

Dogs and artificial lawn. We are so happy to have always good feedback from our clients. Yesterday, Anders Hansson send us this awesome photos from his new dogs playing at his artificial grass.  We installed for him this 1200 square meter artificial grass lawn back in the year 2008. In that time, they had a Belgian Sheppard dog, who was running around and around the trees all the time, having the natural grass in really bad conditions.  Although the dog was making his territorial work on all corners at the garden, which did not help to have the natural grass growing properly. Mr. Hansson did all he could to improve his grass, but nothing really helped. At the end he asked us to remove his natural grass and install artificial turf.   In the year 2008, there was not so much experience with artificial decorative grass at the Costa del Sol. And we did not know how the artificial lawn would cope with the high temperatures in summer.

Very soon it was clear, that the artificial grass was perfect for this family. For years, they had an always green and perfect grass area. The dog passed away some years ago and now two Shetland Collies are playing around in this garden.

The grass is as green as always. But after 10 years of heavy use, the fibers need some new silicon sand and a good brush every year.

Since that time, we installed hundreds of gardens and terraces with artificial lawn for dog Owners and until today no dog was able to brake that grass. Of course it is very important to have the underground well prepared and to have all joints and borders well installed. If you have dogs, you need water horse close to your grass area, so that you can remove easily all accidents that may happen. It is very easy to clean away bad smells with water and the water drains away quickly as our artificial grass has got plenty of water drain holes.

Families with dogs tells us often, that since they have artificial grass, their houses are more clean, as the dogs do not bring inside all the bits of natural grass they did before. And on top, little insects are much easier to control.

For older dogs, to have artificial lawn is a big improve, as where ever they lay down, they have a warm, dry and soft bed.