Exclusive artificial grass

When we cover large areas of artificial turf, we have to choose a quality product, with a color according to the green tones of the area and installers who understand their work.

Remove the layer of old natural grass, provide a layer of sand of 10-15 cm, always choosing a sand with high drainage capabilities. We make sure that weeds do not grow under the artificial turf area. Remove the automatic irrigation and light pipes from the artificial turf area.

Install quality and beautiful grass separators to avoid mixing the sand with the topsoil of the plantation areas. Use a strong, durable and water-resistant anti-root fabric … There are many things that we have to take into account to obtain an excellent result. All this preparation of the subsoil can cost around 12 to 14 €, depending on the access to work and many other circumstances. To do an insufficient preparation of the subsoil, will only bring you problems.

Basket believe that someone spent so much money to cover such a large garden with artificial turf. But the results are indisputable:
A huge saving of water. In machinery, gasoline, work hours and chemical products. A pool always much cleaner. And you will have a green garden all year round.

In this garden our model of artificial grass combines perfectly with the vegetation. Some trees draw playful shadows between the 40mm long threads of this spectacular artificial turf model, whose name Tango refers to its elegance and strength.