How to make perfect junctions

To have a perfect astro turf installation it is not enough to buy a good quality grass. After preparing the underground very carefully, we need to have a lot of pacience and skills to place, cut and glue our artificial lawn correctly.

There are a few recommendations we can give you:

  1. First of all, you have to place all your grass in the same direction. The inclination of the fibers should be in the direction of your mane focal point, for example your terrase. At the same time you have to try to have the less possible cuttings. Do not forget, that on top of the well compacted heighly drainable sand, you already have placed (and fixed with nails ) a perfect draining antiroots material .
  2. When yuo open your rolls of astro turf, the fibers will be flat, so first of all you have to brush all the grass. Use two little bits of astro turf to see how much milimeters you need to separate each from the other in order to have perfect joints. You will need to cut every side of the grass at the very end of the stiches.
  3. Once you have placed all grass correctly, and fixed it at some points to avoid movements, cut the grass letting some centimeters at the borders,  remove all the borders again in order to place the unions.
  4. We mix our special astro turf glue and add it on top of the first union.
  5. We close carefully the first union on top of the glue. You need two people for this. Be very carefull to avoid grass fibers beeing glued under the backing and make sure that you leave the reight distance.
  6. If you see the joint, we have now the last possibility to make it better before we start with the next union..
  7. We do this with each union and all the borders.
  8. Once all joints are glued, we add extra nails at the borders and the unions and at several parts in the middle in order to fix all the grass area perfectly on to the underground.