How we create harmony

Before talking about this project, I invite you to look at the attached photos.

Its hard to believe that someone could think of covering such a large garden with artificial turf?

What reasons have led these owners to change all natural grass for an artificial one?

The answer is the same as always: Water savings + machinery + gasoline + hours of labor + chemical products. And with time end up with a large cost.

The result is spectacular and I invite you to observe the photos well. In them, you can see many ideas to decorate your garden. You can see that the use of plants that provide shadows and others that frame artificial turf surfaces, all well distributed, give a lot of life to the 40mm threads of our best artificial turf.

Some trees draw playful shadows between the 40mm long threads of this spectacular model of artificial turf, whose name Tango refers to its elegance and strength.
We have incorporated into the design, huge stones since it dressed up nicely with the artificial grass.To create more elegant and clean edges, we have used high-grade aluminum EVEREDGE lawn dividers to keep it tidy and strong.