K.C. the perfect little garden

How to convert a small cramped garden into a modern magazine worthy living space.

To begin with, we must eliminate all the elements that look cheap, dirty and outdated. Removing natural grass, large trees that take away the sun and whose roots could damaged the terrain.

we will also level out the garden to make as much space as possible and make the most out of it.

Remove the cypress hedges that split between neighbors. Those hedges will never look good on both sides. They need a lot of space and taking care of. You will not be able to plant flowers and delicate plants beneath, due to the number of insects and other beings that will feed on these.

And now we start to dress the garden, Instead of the cypress hedge, we installed an aluminum fence that allows air to pass through (to avoid summer heat). We gain at least 1 meter of space on each side. The expense can be shared with the neighbor, since the fence is equally beautiful on both sides.

We created plantation areas with special plants, durable, with few requirements, slow growth. We cover the whole earth with gravel, pine bark or volcanic stones. To taste colors.

To finish our beautiful garden we install a high-end artificial turf, green, perfect, soft and puffy. say goodbye to the gardener who uses the lawn mower to make noise and leave grass all over the terrace.
the results of this project is a happy client and proud artificial grass installers.