Protect your baby with a safe fence arround your pool

Safe your little childrens life with a secure  pool

Today I want to share a story that happened to us exactly 28 years ago with our little daughter, who then was two years old. We were spending a holiday in Adelheid, Australia, at a friends house where there were many pools. All of them without fence. In a moment of neglect-that can happen to anyone, as attentive as it is -, our little daughter disappeared. It was 8 in the afternoon and the night was getting closer. We immediately call the police, we run out to warn many neighbors who in turn started to seek and warn others. The great fear was, that our girl could fall into one of the pools and drown. Because among the houses there were no fences and the pools were not fenced either. Luckily, past two longest hours of my life, a neighbor found my girl in a park sitting under a swing.

According to statistics, immersion asphyxiation is the second cause of accidental death in children up to 5 years of age, after traffic accidents.

Losing sight of a little child, especially if you have more than one, it’s very easy. Be 24 hours a day, day after day, with nights in which you wake up several times, with the tasks of home, with no time for rest, all this makes even the best mother and the best father, Grandpa, grandma too tired to be 100% atennding all time. And it only takes seconds. Children fall into the water, without making noise. It sinks directly. Even being very close, maybe speaking on the phone, looking at some messages, a few seconds, and there’s no going back.

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Why do I tell you this? Now that it’s not even time to swim in the pool? I tell you, because it’s Christmas. And for me the best Christmas gift is knowing that children are healthy and safe. And for that, we have the perfect gift. A safe, removable Security Fence, easy to install and at a pay price. Call us for more information and lets avoid together a disgrace.