Puente romano hedgerow

There are many places where having artificial grass fields wouldnt make much sense. Natural grass requires a lot of care, abundant irrigation, labor, machinery and weather will affect it.

Installing an automatic irrigation system in these places that irrigate, the grass but nothing else. is practically impossible.
In my opinion, it is best to avoid natural grass in these areas. It is better to plant mid-sized ground covers (better native plants with low demands for care and water) or to put directly gravel (on top of a good well-installed anti-root cloth).

And if you want it green, clean and fresh? ARTIFICIAL GRASS. It does not have to be the highest-end model. We are not going to spend time lying in the sun on this lawn. It will be enough with a model of artificial turf of good quality but low range, whose price can be between 7 and 14 € Bl per square meter.