Golfing on artificial grass

Having your own putting green to play golf at home is easier than you think.

Only a minimum space of 25 m² is required to install a few holes, our model of artificial turf specifically designed and manufactured for this use: GREENEXCLUSIVE, and another decorative artificial grass more economical to decorate the sides.

To be able to place the pipes of prefabricated holes to 11 cm deep, we have to make a formwork and fill it with sand or concrete with expanded clay so that it doesnt weigh much.

This way we avoid moisture problems by not drilling the terrace surface.
It is also very important that we take special care to make adequate levels so that the rainwater can be filtered and drained. Be careful not to stick the artificial grass on top of the drain racks.
We all know artificial grasss has been used for a long time in the golfing world, due to the expense of keeping grass at good standard.

artificial grass, once its put it shall be impecable for aproximately 10 years, the expense of caring for golf qualty grass for a year is aproximately the same expense as setting artificial grass, tho once it installed you can forget about it and enjoy its pleasures wheather its golfing or decoration.